4 Spots You Can’t Miss On Cape Cod

4 Spots You Can’t Miss On Cape Cod

A beach escape just beyond the Boston city lights?  Cape Cod is as beautiful and quaint as you envision it to be from your romantic beach novels.  If you’re limited on time, like we were, here are my suggestions for 4 spots you won’t want to miss on your cape escape!

1. Spend a day in Chatham

Chatham was our home base and probably my favorite spot on Cape Cod.  As soon as you arrive in this cozy town you feel yourself relax.  Grab lunch at the Bistro On Main before your adventure begins.  I suggest the shrimp tacos and a rosé on the patio.

After lunch take time walking around the main street. We browsed around shops that were once beautiful cape homes and chatted with the owners who were more than eager to share about their town.  Be sure to stop in at Chatham Candy Manor for a delectable slice of fudge!  As the shops give way to a residential area, keep going. Your final destination is Chatham lighthouse and the beach for a sunset.  Once the sun sets, grab a drink at the Impudent Oyster or Wild Goose Tavern.

2.  Explore Hyannis and Brewster

Do you fancy yourself an antique shopper or enjoy a treasure hunt through old thrift shops?  If so, you’ll want to spend the morning in Brewster.  From high-end antiques to something resembling an item in your grandma’s attic, you’ll find yourself going back in time here. Start at the Lemon Tree Village Shops and work your way out from there!

Hyannis, if you didn’t already know, is where the Kennedy’s have their compound. If seeing the compound (from a distance of course) is on your list, I suggest doing some research.  We spoke with some locals and they suggested a ferry ride around the island as the best way to see the home.  The area is more commercialized than many of the other towns along the Cape, so it tends to be busy.  We only spent a short time here so my parents could tour the JFK Museum.

3.  Day trip to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket

I dedicated a whole post to our day trip to Nantucket here.  It was by far the highlight of our trip.  We wanted to visit Martha’s Vineyard, too, but as it turned out the weather had other plans.  I guess that gives us an excuse to return again, right?

4.  Provincetown

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the people we meet along the way.  You learn so much more from a local than you ever could from a tourist.  When we asked what they suggested for our final day on the Cape, they raved about Provincetown and told us we just couldn’t miss it on our trip.

Is there a better way to spend your morning than with a long walk on the beach?  We chose Meadows Beach and had the ultimate surprise as we saw several whales in the distance and so many seals swimming along the shore. We laughed, we talked, we listened as the waves crashed into the shore, and we enjoyed such a wonderful morning at the tip of the cape.  Our time together on the beach is going in the books as one of my fondest memories with my parents. I am so incredibly thankful to have had them join us!


As our stomachs began to growl, we made our way into town where we were met with such an incredibly laid-back vibe.  It was the best people watching I’ve ever experienced.  They are eclectic, unique, beautiful, and carefree.  Do not miss a brunch/lunch at Canteen!  We sat in their “back yard” which is essentially tables and chairs stuck in the sand with views of the water.  Order a coconut mojito from their outside bartender and stick your toes in the sand for a laid back lunch!  We ended our day by browsing the shops in Whalers Wharf.


There are so many beach towns you could go to, but there is nothing quite like Cape Cod.  It has a truly unique, comforting and peaceful energy that draws many visitors during in and off season.  As the weather turns colder and we approach the fall, I have a feeling the memories of the Cape will be a beautiful dream to return to again and again.


Stay tuned for the next adventure, friends!  As always, thanks for following me on my journeys!





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