A Weekend in St. Augustine Florida

A Weekend in St. Augustine Florida

What better excuse for a vacation than a wedding?  This past weekend we celebrated the union of my brother-in-law, Sam, to his incredible bride, Maria.  It was the perfect intimate ceremony on St. Augustine beach.

And while I, too, am a fan of finding the hidden gems in cities, consuming the best dish at a local restaurant, and locating those instagram photo ops, sometimes the best memories are the ones you make with the people you love.  We hardly left that cozy beach house the entire weekend and I could burst with just how perfect that was. Without further ado, I give you a visual post full of love, beauty, family, and a little bit of the hidden gem that is St. Augustine, Florida.

The Memories..

  •  Countless stories were shared, and new memories made on this front porch as we watched the waves crash onto the shore.  If you’re headed to St. Augustine, I highly recommend you research vacation homes on the beach.  There is nothing better than having your morning coffee on a porch like this as the sun rises over the sea.

  • We spent a few perfect blistering hot Florida days on the beach.  I, of course, burned no thanks to the sunscreen.  Some of us walked to the pier, others went for a run on the beach, and then there were sweet moments like witnessing our niece splash in the ocean with her mom and dad for the first time.

  • I am a sucker for a love story, but more than that I am a true believer in love.  Two of the greatest people we know said “I Do.”  They exchanged heartfelt vows with the ocean in the background and their toes in the sand.  It’s no surprise that an embarrassing number of tears were shed by yours truly.  This moment was the highlight of the entire weekend; and don’t even get me started on her dress, y’all.


  • We explored the historic downtown area together as a family.  For those of you who don’t know, St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city.  Give the beach bum life a break and explore!  Stroll through St. George’s street to window shop!  The girls in the group loved Red Pineapple, check it out!


  • Don’t think I didn’t sneak a few drinks, food, and snacks in.  I’d recommend Crucial Coffee for a deliciously brewed cup of joe.  If you’re in the mood for a drink, try out Tini Martini Bar and grab a seat outside if the weather is cooperating.  And for my sweet tooth companions, try out Hyppo.  These gourmet popsicles will knock your socks off. Might I suggest the pina colada dipped in chocolate?

Hidden Gems

  • If you’re a history buff, check out the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.  Not only historically important, but you’ll have great views of the water and the Bridge of Lions which connects St. Augustine to Anastasia Island.  We also checked out the Old Jail.  We didn’t pay for the tour but admired it from afar.

  • If you’re like me and a lover of the charming southern cities like Savannah and Charleston, you’ll appreciate this next spot.  Located not far from the Old Jail is Magnolia Avenue.  The Spanish Moss trees line the street and arch perfectly over the road.

  • With a strong Spanish influence dominating the architecture, you’re almost transported back in time.  We jumped off the beaten path full of tourists and explored the quiet, hidden streets.

The Grand Finale

  • And finally, we end with my biggest piece of advice.  Get up with the sun.  Wander along the beach taking in the pink, orange, and blue of the sunrise. Enjoy the serenity  of the crashing waves.  Take time to breathe in the salty air and realize just how incredible this world is. And as a bonus: getting up with the sun means the first cup of coffee, and in a house full of family, that first cup is vital 😉

Until next time, friends!





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